Always an even number of Islands?

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Always an even number of Islands?

Mensagempor tupacshakaur » Ter Abr 10, 2018 8:51 am


I'm sure I read this in another thread but can't find it now...I know there are 8-12 islands in single player exploration but did I read somewhere that they are always evenly numbered, so you get 8, 10 or 12 islands? I've found 9 so far, a tenth is eluding me and I'd sooner focus on making things or even starting a new game than slightly aimlessly trying to find an island that isn't there.Also having made my own "world map" of the islands I've found/explored so far by stitching screen grabs together in Photoshop, and starting to regret it partway through as it took over 50 shots, I was wondering if we will ever be able to zoom the map out fully, or at least a lot further?

Please help.

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References: ... f-islands/
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