I did it again ... Online pokies will be the death of me

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I did it again ... Online pokies will be the death of me

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My struggle is with online casinos and the slots that I can play in the comfort of my home, not having to physically see the money I am churning through.. It makes it so much harder when I'm in my "gonna win big this time" thought process which leads me to sit all day on my phone just spinning the slots and depositing more and more when I don't win.
I keep chasing that win. I chased it all day today and when I punched the numbers after I couldn't possibly access any more money to deposit, realised I had blown $3600. It makes me sick to know I just threw it all away. I did it last weekend also, not quite so much then, around $2000. I am in no way a millionaire and simply cannot afford it. I'm churning through my life savings ... In the last year I've blown $60,000 cash from my savings, the savings my husband and I worked so hard for so we can buy our own house. And also an additional $18,000 on my Mastercard that I'm paying off week by week.How did I get here? Why do I keep going back? I use it as an escape from my anxiety disorder, the excitement I feel when im gambling is like a drug, it's like the world closes off around me and it's just me full of hope and excitement that this will be the one win I've been waiting for.
Nothing beats that feeling for me. And I only play during the night when I should be sleeping, when there is nothing else that I should be doing apart from sleeping so I don't know how to preoccupy my mind. Once I get the idea of having a "dip" on the slots, I can't get rid of it. Has anyone else struggled with the online casinos? I've searched and searched for software that could be compatible with my iPhone to block all casinos but I've had no luck, any advice to get access to these off my phone would be greatly appreciated.

Please help.

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