Van Dyke, Ken Stevens, flicked the referee.

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Van Dyke, Ken Stevens, flicked the referee.

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Fergie strikes Liverpool on preliminaries Pierce Harry Kane shoots Spurs shot to the first penalty shootout. In the game, both teams are always 2-2, and also said that "Reds" should not lose the ball the second penalty as well. In the 87th minute, when the tie was 1-1, Spurs came to the penalty spot from Ken's stroke as if he was beaten by local goalkeeper Laurie Caruso. England shot the ball into the penalty area. Before he could excuse himself when the visiting team scored another penalty in injury time. Van Dyke said, "It's a falling shot. You will see clearly that he is falling. No one talks about it. But I think it's a falling day. It also has the issue that he is offside. I think he is offside. You can see that he accidentally falls. But the director and the line director decided that way. It was good that it was saved. "wwwpic5678

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