www.sbobet What VAR will not fix is the hatred

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www.sbobet What VAR will not fix is the hatred

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If Benatia's challenge on Lucas Vazquez would have occurred in the middle of midfield then it would be a heavy foul.If it had been in the 30th minute of play then it would have been a penalty and nothing more.If Real Madrid had been winning 2-0 then Buffon would have helped Vazquez up. www.sbobet The difference on Wednesday was that it was in the 93rd minute, with all the anti-Madrid fans salivating at the possibility of Los Blancos being eliminated. An enormous controversy that has followed is due to that reason and that reason only.Many saw the defending champions on the ropes and couldn't contain their extraordinary irritation when Zinedine Zidane's team progressed.If VAR was present, then it too would've determined that the challenge warranted a penalty kick being awarded. What video assistance won't achieve will be reducing the sizable amount of hatred that is turning the footballing universe into a repulsive and violent arena,www.sbobet mainly spurred on by social networks

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