Will Real Madrid sign Neymar? SBOBET

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Will Real Madrid sign Neymar? SBOBET

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The question that Real Madrid are worrying the most about: SBOBET Will they be able to sign Neymar? Six editors give their views on the possibility of carrying out what could be the biggest transfer move in the history of football.Real Madrid need to make major strategic decisions, which can mark their future as it did the day Cristiano Ronaldo arrived or, farther back in time, when Luis Figo arrived. The arrival of Neymar would have a triple effect. On the one hand, incorporating a player capable of keeping up with the Portuguese in terms of sports and media and on the other, a major blow to a team like Paris Saint-Germain. Finally a punch to Barcelona's moral character just like the day Luis Figo appeared at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu dressed in white. If there is a player for whom Real must fight for, SBOBET
it is Neymar, regardless if Ronaldo stays or leaves.

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